J. W. Cameron Center, located on Maui, implemented an energy-efficient lighting and mechanical equipment upgrade.

In 2006, Energy Industries LLC implemented an energy-efficient lighting retrofit at the Cameron Center to reduce energy consumption while improving light quality. For the lighting efficiency program, a total of 396 T12 fixtures and magnetic ballasts were retrofitted with 28-watt super T8 lamps and high-efficiency electronic ballasts. Energy Industries also replaced 16 exit signs with new LED ones. As a result, the Cameron Center reduced its annual electricity usage by 34,000 kWh.

In 2008, as electricity rates continued to rise, EI implemented an even larger energy-efficiency project at the Cameron Center. The scope of work included: installing a Smardt 125-ton air-cooled chiller, rebalancing the air handling units, and converting to variable primary chilled water flow. After completing this project, the facility’s consumption was reduced to an average of 46,000 kWh per month. This represents an annual kWh savings of 166,000 kWh. Assuming an average electricity price of 25¢ per kWh, the Cameron Center saves $42,000 each year from the mechanical project and $8,500 each year from the lighting project.

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