Weyerhaeuser Company

Using Energy Industries’ “Energy Intelligence” Weyerhaeuser was able to reduce its energy costs by 61%.

Weyerhaeuser is an international forest products company that touches nearly every aspect of the industry, from growing and harvesting trees to producing pulp, newsprint, packaging, building products and homes. The Hawaii branch provides products that include cellulose fibers, paper and packaging.

In 2007, Weyerhaeuser decided to fight rising electricity costs by enlisting the help of Energy Industries to provide an energy solution. Energy Industries designed a lighting retrofit for 638 fixtures to lower electricity and operating expenses.

The lighting retrofit resulting in a savings of 665,190 kWh and $98,318 per year – a 61% reduction! With a rebate of $53,341.67, the payback for this project was only 1.76 years.

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