Ohana Waikiki Malia Hotel

The Ohana Waikiki Malia Hotel implemented a comprehensive energy-efficiency program that reduced overall electricity consumption by approximately 30%.

The property had been running its original building equipment from 1979. HVAC equipment, a water heater, pumps, and motors had all been rebuilt and patched over the years and operated very inefficiently. Because of the age of the equipment, ongoing repair and maintenance was costly. The hotel now enjoys new energy efficient equipment and has considerably lower monthly electricity expenses. The hotel managers also have the “peace of mind” that the risk of equipment failures had been mitigated. The new systems are also equipped with redundant safeguards to ensure that guests never know if there has been a failure.

Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of the energy-efficiency retrofit was the customized equipment lease-purchase program designed by Energy Industries. The program left the hotel’s capital improvement budget untouched, and the $750,000 in retrofit costs did not reduce the hotel’s operating cash flow. In addition to the beneficial operational efficiencies gained from the capital improvements, the hotel will have more than $100,000 in increased operating cash flow as a result of integrating electricity savings with an Energy Industries custom lease-purchase program.

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