Kapalua Plantation Clubhouse

The Kapalua Land Company teamed up with Energy Industries to identify and install a number of energy saving measures as part of a comprehensive energy action plan.

The following energy efficiency upgrades were made to the Kapalua Plantation Clubhouse:

T12 lamps and magnetic ballasts were replaced by T8 lamps and electronic ballasts. Incandescents were replaced by CFL’s.

The standard efficiency 80 ton chiller and compressor were replaced by a Smardt oil-free centrifugal chiller, a Turbocor premium efficiency compressor, and variable frequency controls.

The forced draft cooling tower was replaced by an induced draft cooling tower with variable speed controls.

The constant flow chilled water pump and standard efficiency motor were replaced by a variable primary flow chilled water pump and premium efficiency motor.

Before the energy efficiency upgrades, the equipment listed above was using 367,000 kWh every year. With the energy efficiency project complete, the Kapalua Plantation Clubhouse is now using only 220,000 kWh every year. This 40% reduction in electrical consumption is saving the Kapalua Land Company more than $30,000 each year in utility bills.

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