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La Crema Winery, a member of the Kendall-Jackson wines family, has been producing premium Chardonnay and Pinot Noir wines for over 30 years. With vineyards located throughout California’s coastal appellations, Kendall-Jackson has implemented numerous energy conservation measures at their wineries. In 2009, Energy Industries again partnered with Kendall-Jackson and retrofit La Crema’s boilers system.

Energy Conservation Measure


Before being replaced, the existing atmospheric hot water boilers had numerous problems. There was significant pipe loss in the recirculating loop and the boilers were leaking water directly onto the flame, requiring additional gas to evaporate the leaking water. These efficiency losses rendered the boilers incapable of supplying sufficient hot water during peak demand, hindering the winery’s barrel washing and wine heating operations and costing La Crema thousands of dollars a year. Energy Industries replaced the previous boilers with two extremely efficient Camus Condensing Boilers, which are rated up to 95% efficiency. Condensing boilers save energy by using the exhaust heat it produces to pre-heat the water entering the boiler. Furthermore, the greater range of modulation of the Camus Condensing Boilers reduces the short cycling, extending the life of the unit, increasing the efficiency of the system and reducing maintenance costs. With La Crema’s new design, one boiler provides process heat and the second boiler supplies building and process heat for another building. The new condensing boilers easily meet La Crema Winery’s hot water needs in an energy efficient and cost effective manner.


Energy & Cost Savings
The implementation of the condensing boilers, along with reduced use of hot water through conservation measures, cut energy costs by 43% and gas consumption by 38%. Previously, La Crema was spending an average of $115,754 a year to use the boilers. The new equipment lowered the annual expense to only $66,149, saving $49,605 a year. These cost savings do not reflect the additional maintenance cost savings that will continue throughout the equipment’s long life (15-25 years).

Although the boilers have a slightly higher initial cost, the energy savings quickly repay for the installation, and the operating costs of traditional boilers can often exceed condensing boilers’ installation costs. La Crema’s energy efficiency project has a payback period of about 4 years.

Environmental Savings
The climate and environment play pivotal roles in the taste and quality of La Crema’s wines. Recognizing this, La Crema strives to return to more sustainable and traditional farming methods. In addition to using compost and other recycled materials, La Crema is targeting its energy use. Implementing energy efficient equipment reduces La Crema’s environmental impact, helping to ensure long-term profitability and benefiting future generations.

Energy Industries’ installation of condensing boilers at La Crema removes 1,072,274 lbs. of CO2 annually from the atmosphere, which is equivalent to taking 105 cars off the road or planting 12,472 trees. 


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