The Jackson Family Wines enlisted Energy Industries to identify the best long-term energy solutions for three of their Kendall-Jackson sites in California.

The retrocommissioning and equipment installation outlined below is saving Kendall Jackson Wineries approximately 1.3 million kWh every year.

Refrigeration System Retrocommissioning
— 801,851 annual kWh saved

Glycol System Retrocommissioning
— 222,710 annual kWh saved

Compressed Air Flow Controllers
— 247,139 annual kWh saved

Zero Loss Drains
— 25,488 annual kWh saved

With a utility rate of 14 cents per kWh, Kendall Jackson Wineries will save more than $180,000 each year as a result of these projects. Skylane, Kendall Jackson’s main production and storage facility, will save nearly $90,000 each year. Vinwood, the production and storage facility for Kendall Jackson’s top of the line reserve wines, will save nearly $60,000 every year. La Crema, a Kendall Jackson winery for high quality, reasonably priced wines, will save more than $30,000 annually. As utility prices rise, the annual savings will rise as well.

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