Jackson Family Wines Kittyhawk Winery

Founded in 1983, Jackson Family Wines has become a leader in premium wines. Based in Sonoma County, the Kittyhawk location serves as the main production and storage facility. Continuing their long-standing partnership, Jackson Family Wines engaged Energy Industries to implement several energy and cost saving measures.

Compressed Air Flow Controller
Kittyhawk Winery’s air system pressure inconsistencies were causing decreased productivity, poor product quality, high operational costs, wear and tear on compressor equipment, and wasted energy. To solve these problems, Energy Industries installed an air flow controller. The controller stabilizes air pressure throughout the system, which lowers system defects, improves the consistency of finished products, reduces air leaks, decreases the number of compressors required, and saves maintenance and energy costs.

Refrigeration System Retrocommissioning
The refrigeration system at Kittyhawk was originally designed and commissioned at a condensing temperature of 90 degrees. The average temperature in Santa Rosa, however, is 65 degrees. This temperature difference presents a great energy and cost saving opportunity. By setting the condensing temperature to a cooler level and programming the system to ramp up on abnormally hot days, the compressing process saves a significant amount of energy.

Zero Loss Drains
Energy Industries installed zero loss drains on the Kittyhawk compressed air systems to prevent air leakage during liquid evacuation. When air is compressed, a small by-product of liquid is created, and as this liquid is released from the system, compressed air is usually released with it. Since it is expensive to operate air compressors, it is important to minimize air loss with zero loss drains.

Condensing Boilers
The Kittyhawk facility requires substantial hot water to wash barrels and heat the buildings, and over the past four years, the Kittyhawk winery has lacked sufficient heating capabilities. In 2013, Energy Industries replaced the existing boilers with three extremely efficient condensing boilers. Rated up to 98% efficiency, these boilers save energy by pre-heating the water entering the boiler. Energy Industries also implemented controls and timers to optimize the heating process, eliminating the unnecessary recirculation of hot water and allowing the boilers to conserve energy.

Energy & Cost Savings
The energy conservation measures will save Kittyhawk Winery approximately $109,545 annually. Accounting for over 50% o f the total savings, the refrigeration system retrocommissioning alone saves 415,221 kWh or $58,130 a year. The air flow controller will lower the utility bill by $20,225 and the zero loss drain will save $1,190 a year. Though the initial aim of the boilers retrofit was to simply improve the heating capacity, the new boilers system was designed to also save energy and costs. As a result, the new boilers are expected to save Jackson Family Wines over $30,000 a year.

Environmental Savings
Jackson Family Wines, as a family-owned company, takes a generational approach to its business. Recognizing that actions today can impact the future, Jackson Family Wines has undertaken numerous sustainability initiatives. From lighting retrofits to recommissioning, Energy Industries has been a strategic partner along the way and is committed to helping Jackson Family Wines on future projects. The new energy conservation measures at Kittyhawk Winery eliminate 1,484,220 lbs. of CO2 emissions a year. This is equivalent to removing 146 cars off the road or planting 17,263 trees.

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