Watanabe Floral

Watanabe Floral dramatically reduced its evaporator fan electricity usage by installing ECM motors and controllers.

Watanabe Floral enlisted the help of Energy Industries to design and implement an energy efficiency project for their refrigerated storage areas. The existing shaded pole evaporator fan motors were replaced with electronically commutated (ECM) motors. ECM motors are brushless and consequently are able to supply the same amount of power as standard motors using only half the energy. To enhance the energy savings of the ECM motors, Energy Industries also installed evaporator fan controllers. By monitoring the compressor and the refrigerant flow through the evaporator fan coils, the controllers are able to slow down the evaporator fan speed while maintaining the correct temperature for the storage areas.

The combination of the ECM motors and controllers will produce annual savings of more than 40,000 kWh and 4.5 kW of demand. At today’s energy prices, this equates to more than $9,000 in annual electricity bill savings. The overall energy reduction is approximately 75%.

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