Gus Johnson

Gus Johnson Ford is an award-winning Ford car dealership serving the greater Spokane area in eastern Washington State.

The lighting retrofit for Gus Johnson Ford consisted primarily of replacing F40T12 lamps and magnetic ballasts with F32T8 lamps and premium efficiency electronic ballasts. Energy Industries also replaced a number of metal halide lamps with new fixtures, F32T8 lamps, and premium efficiency ballasts. The combination of T8 lamps and premium efficiency ballasts results in an electricity reduction of over 50% for the project.

In addition to electricity and cost savings, energy efficient lamps and ballasts also provide superior light quality. They have a high color rendering index (CRI), which measures a light source’s ability to depict the colors of an object as clearly as natural light. They also provide more lumens, or light output, making the lights appear brighter. Bright lights with a high CRI can be very effective in retail situations. Other benefits of T8 lamps include longer lamp life and less lumen depreciation (the percentage of lumens that are lost over time).

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