Custom Control Concepts, Inc.

With rising utility prices, Custom Control Concepts began seeking ways to save energy and money.

Energy Industries proposed a cost effective lighting retrofit. A total of 645 fixtures were retrofitted, saving 316,000 kWh every year. The lighting design took advantage of de-lamping with reflectors, minimizing electricity consumption and achieving an impressive 70% reduction in electricity use.

The total cost of this project was approximately $64,000. With an annual electricity bill savings of over $24,000 a year, this equates to just a 2 1/2 year payback. What’s more, Puget Sound Energy awarded Custom Control Concepts with a 50% energy efficiency project grant. Therefore, the final payback of the project was just over 1 year. After that, Custom Control Concepts will save $24,000 annually. With rising utility costs, the actual savings will likely be even higher.

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